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Winter sun in the Lakes

This is a tale by Jim Convery of a winter trip to the Bowder Stone Hut in the Lake District in the early 1990’s. The photo is of Pillar. When I first came to Inverness in the late 1980’s and joined the IMC the possibility of a private enterprise trip to Lakes in November was […]

Rock and Ice transgressions

Thanks to Dougie Borthwick for this tale of two climbing styles. The photo is of the first ascent of the Great Prow of Blaven on Skye. It was a good combination, the aspiring rock ape and the cool ice man.  Neither was completely comfortable in the other’s domain but both recognised the other’s flair for […]

Dear Santa

This is a sad story about an incident near Cummingston the day after an IMC barbecue, when Ewen and two “friends” went for a nice easy bike ride along a railway embankment that, it turned out, had been eroded by the sea. As imagined by former member Pete Collin.

My First Bothy Trip

By Otis Lennox, a four-legged former member of the IMC. His first bothy was Strabeg, pictured above. After a long journey in the boot, the car pulled up – at last. I was dying to get out and cock my leg -stretch my legs. However, the walk to the bothy was great with lots of […]

IMC Presidents list

50-51 Donnie Cattanach 85-86 Peter Reynolds 51-52 John Frew 86-87 John Burns 52-53 John Frew 87-88 Ewen Macniven 53-54 John Frew 88-89 Ewen Macniven 54-55 Ian Forbes 89-90 Rob Atkinson 55-56 Ian Forbes 90-91 Neil Robertson 56-57 Bill Cooper 91-92 Neil Robertson 57-58 Bill Cooper 92-93 Ian Douglas 58-59 John Aird 93-94 Ian Douglas 59-60 […]

Key To The Door

Peter Moffatt is one of the longest-standing members of the IMC, and was made an honorary member at the club’s 50th Anniversary. This article is the result of many years’ experience of meets – and sometimes things go wrong. The picture above is of the Ling hut, the scene of one of the misadventures. It […]

Mountain List Mania

This sad story is a warning to us all. Further details of this affliction, and a list of sufferers, are given by the SMC at https://www.smc.org.uk/hills/ . The picture is of Sir Hugh Munro. New Helpline Do you suffer from the following? A compulsion to climb lists of obscure hills An inability to go up […]


An account of a climb on Carn Dearg, Ben Nevis, by former member Ken Martin. The summer of 1976 was an exceptionally long and hot one, and the summer meet of the club at the CIC hut was to enjoy the same dry spell. We arrived on the Friday evening via the Jacobite, and a […]

A bus not to be missed

This story of the early years of the IMC is by Ross Martin, who was a leading member of the club and combined the offices of Secretary and Treasurer for many years. My active involvement with the IMC covered the period from 1956 to 1966, and some recollections of these faraway days may interest and […]

Fooled Again

by John Burns I had become resigned to death but it was the manner of it that rankled. I was going to die on a Mod. If that wasn’t bad enough I’d forgotten my helmet. I could imagine the conversations about my death. “On a Mod, really!” they would say, “Of course, he never was […]