Carn an Fhreiceadain, 12 November

We gathered at Kingussie twelve strong, with one canine.  The old faithfuls Ewen, Robin, Richard, Arthur and Wendell welcomed new members Nell and Kevin, and prospective new member Toni.  We were also pleased to be joined by three guests and of course Skye the Hungarian vizla who bounced youthfully, unlike the old faithfuls.
The aim of the day was the Corbett Carn an Fhreiceadain, lying approximately 7 kilometres to the north of Kingussie. We left a slightly icy and crisp golf club car park and followed the main track north branching off to the north east at Pitmain Lodge, with the intention of climbing the 878m hill in an anti-clockwise direction.
Inevitably it got colder as we ascended but we found shelter beside a very neat and modern shooting bothy for morning coffee.  On reaching Beinn Bhreac (843m) the wind picked up and the spindrift blew, making stopping unpleasant.  One of the party was feeling the cold and decided to return to Kingussie accompanied by the gallant Ewen.  Again, safety first.
The photos give a better idea of the conditions than my inadequate prose.  It was too cold to hang around at the Summit, so we descended to the Allt Mor to get out of the wind and have a bite to eat.  We then descended on the main track to the car park and retreated at mid afternoon to a coffee shop in Kingussie, where we met the other two. A good day out on a hill suitable to the windy and cold conditions.  Thanks to Ewen for his selection and organisation.