Chris’s birthday and the Ling gas lift

Not an offical IMC meet, but a good story just the same.  Saturday 21st April saw IMC members Ian Douglas, Chris Monckton, Andrew James and Robin Forrest (along with Robin Chalmers of the SMC) head west to Torridon having been press-ganged by Andrew, in his capacity as SMC Huts Supremo, to lend assistance with the bi-annual helicopter gas lift to the Ling Hut, a favourite IMC weekend venue for many years.

It would have been a good day for the hill, but there was work to be done, so the quintet of fine (young?) mountaineers quickly got down to the business of attaching an entire lorry load of unwieldy propane cylinders to lifting strops, so that the Eurocopter AS350 – for the aircraft anoraks – whirlybird could hoist them the half-kilometre across the lochan to the hut.

The hard work was over quicker than expected, but there was a wee surprise in store for Chris.  Having been tipped off by a little bird (an Erithacus Rubecula for the ornithologists) that it happened to be Chris’s birthday that day, the pilot invited the Birthday Boy into the passenger seat, and flew him off for a short but stunning eagle’s-eye-view trip along the length of Liathach’s spectacularly serrated summit ridge.  Having served, in his (even) younger days, as a naval officer aboard an aircraft carrier – HMS Eagle appropriately enough – it wasn’t Chris’s first experience of travel by helicopter, but he did confess never to have flown in one quite so small, and certainly not over Liathach.  Happy Birthday!