Christmas Day meet, 2020

A meet on Christmas Day is a first for the IMC, but desperate situations call for extraordinary measures. Andreas had the happy idea of running a meet for those who might otherwise be on their own at this strange time. The first question was where to have the meet; it had to be somewhere quiet, plenty of parking, and easily accessible from Inverness. The chosen location was north of Carrbridge on the Lochindorb road; a hill called Creag na h-Iolaire (the eagle’s crag).

The team of Andreas, Michael, John, Paul S and Ewen ascended from the highest point on the road to Carn na Leitire and Carn Allt Laoigh. Great views of the Cairngorms to the south, and a very strong, cold wind; we were glad to be no higher than 552m. Creag na h-Iolaire is a rocky, interesting hill, and everyone enjoyed their day out. We noticed a lot of abandoned farm buildings near the hill on what must have been very bleak, unproductive ground. On the way down we were pleased to find a track which was not on the map, served no obvious purpose, but took us back close to the cars without the long road walk which we had anticipated; and we didn’t see another soul all day!

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