IMC Presidents list

50-51Donnie Cattanach85-86Peter Reynolds
51-52John Frew86-87John Burns
52-53John Frew87-88Ewen Macniven
53-54John Frew88-89Ewen Macniven
54-55Ian Forbes89-90Rob Atkinson
55-56Ian Forbes90-91Neil Robertson
56-57Bill Cooper91-92Neil Robertson
57-58Bill Cooper92-93Ian Douglas
58-59John Aird93-94Ian Douglas
59-60John Aird94-95Colin Simpson
60-61John Aird95-96Alison Robertson
61-62Gil Ward96-97Alison Robertson
62-63Gil Ward97-98Ian Meek
63-64Gil Ward98-99Colin Simpson
64-65Cam Macleay99-00Colin Simpson
65-66Willie Proudfoot00-01Colin Simpson
66-67Con Young01-02Alastair Kinghorn
67-68Con Young02-03Alastair Kinghorn
68-69Con Young03-04Peter Biggar
69-70Phil Larder04-05Jo Kinghorn
70-71Bill Webster05-06Jo Kinghorn
71-72Stef Brown06-07Andreas Heinzl
72-73Jim Teesdale07-08Robin Forrest
73-74Peter Christie08-09Robin Forrest
74-75Jim Teesdale09-10Robin Forrest
75-76Steve Carroll10-11Albert Higginbottom
76-77Peter Moffatt11-12Albert Higginbottom
77-78Les Creasey12-13Albert Higginbottom
78-79Alec Sutherland13-14Sherine Deakin
79-80Michael Garrett14-15Sherine Deakin
80-81Gerry Smith15-16Richard Hartland
81-82Peter Moffatt16-17Richard Hartland
82-83Peter Moffatt17-18Andreas Heinzl
83-84Nick Hamilton18-19Robin Forrest
84-85Peter Reynolds19-20Ewen Macniven

This list has been slightly amended from the version published in the 50th Anniversary Journal, which was wrong in some respects. Subsequent Presidents have been added on; there have been 38 in total over the 70 year life of the club to date. The picture was taken on the 60th Anniversary meet in April 2010, and includes four former Presidents; Robin Forrest, Nick Hamilton, Peter Moffatt and Michael Garrett.