Kintail meet, Sunday 30 April

Steve got some good weather for his Graham-bagging week, and that extended to the day meet he organised in Kintail.  A large party of IMC members and four dogs set off from the (supposedly closed) forestry car park at Dorusduain, just along from Morvich in Kintail.  The objective was Carnan Cruithneachd, a rocky, interesting Graham to the west of the Falls of Glomach.

After the Graham was bagged, we all went down to the Falls of Glomach, pictured, for a closer look.  Well worth while; an impressive volume of water was coming down, and no-one wandered too close to the edge!  The weather was good but windy, and no-one extended the day to include A’Ghlas bheinn, the Munro to the south of the return track.  However, most folk managed a stop off at the Kintail Lodge Hotel for an alfresco drink.  All in all, an excellent day out.