Knoydart meet report, 5-8 May 2017

Nine club members made it to Knoydart for a great long weekend of Munro and Corbett bagging, and other adventures, in exceptionally fine weather.  The group stayed at the bunkhouse in Inverie run by the Knoydart Foundation, a community based organisation which acquired the Knoydart Estate from the previous neglectful owner about 18 years ago.
Ladhar Bheinn, Luinne Bheinn, Meall Buidhe, Beinn Bhuidhe, Sgurr Coire Choinnichean and Beinn na Caillich were all summitted by one or several members of the group.  One member (Shona) did some impressive hill running – surprising a camper near the summit of Ladhar Bheinn as she ran past him at 8am.  She then went for a cycle ride, did some wild swimming (intentionally) and went to the pub.  Now that is an impressive day.
The rest of the team were perhaps a little less energetic, but had fine hill days and also went to the pub.  Some also explored the remains of the WW2 Mica mine on the side of Beinn Bhuidhe and were educated by John in the finer points of the geology that gave rise to mica.  One group visited the statue of the Madonna, on the headland of Rubha Raonuill marking the entrance to Loch Nevis, discovering that this fine, prominent statue is hollow and made from fibreglass!  Later research uncovered that she is unkindly, and  irreverently, known by some as “plastic Mary”.
Knoydart was at its finest with exceptional hill days… and no midgies.  The only downside was that the pub was not serving meals and appeared to have no staff and few local customers.  The enterprising lady with a snack van (local venison burgers recommended) and freezer full of home cooked meals next to the bunkhouse and the locally run coffee shop on the shore filled the gap.  Community ownership of Knoydart seems to have turned it into a thriving community despite its remoteness.