My First Bothy Trip

By Otis Lennox, a four-legged former member of the IMC. His first bothy was Strabeg, pictured above.

After a long journey in the boot, the car pulled up – at last. I was dying to get out and cock my leg -stretch my legs. However, the walk to the bothy was great with lots of soggy heather and puddles to jump in. The others were already at the bothy with a roaring fire going. It was great for warming your paws and was much needed as I didn’t even get offered a cup of tea.

Saturday started promisingly with a romp through more puddles and peat bogs, but deteriorated rapidly when I was left in the car while the occupants disappeared on a boat to an island called Handa. They were off birdwatching! What is the attraction in that? Looking back I’d have been better to go up Cranstackie with the other group. Saturday evening was better and saw the food and wine flowing freely, although not much flowed in my direction.

Sunday was a most peculiar day. After one person left to go back to work, my mistress and her close companion loaded their ‘sacks with gear, walked to the bottom of Creag Shomhairle, and then turned round and walked straight back to the bothy. It might have had something to do with the rain starting, but that meant more puddles to splash around in. Brilliant. I heard later in the pub (The Crask Inn) that the others had spent a far more constructive day on Ben Loyal. However, I did enjoy my first bothy trip and hope I can attend another one sometime.

PS. On Saturday night I was trying to keep warm beside my mistress. She had a sleeping bag. But once she was asleep I managed to roll her off her karrimat and stretch myself out properly for a very comfortable night’s sleep. I did get a bit of a row in the morning though, when she woke up…..