Real Rock Climbing Meet, 20 August 2017

The fourth of these sessions took place once again at Ardheslaig, but on this occasion we were more fortunate with the weather – not only did it not rain but we had some sunshine!

George, Callum and Andrew were joined by David Pearks.  As the normal grassy decent route  was deemed so unpleasantly wet and slippery, it was decided to set up an abseil rope for the day.  Then, having paired up, were all able to enjoy 3 good routes and 3 abseils – 100+ metres of climbing.  Whilst there was quite a bit damp rock at the start of the day, it did mostly dry up, so by the end, the quality of the superb gneiss friction could be savoured.

By mid afternoon, David’s family had arrived back to whisk him away but the other 3 of us were able to retire to the Tigh an Eilean for refreshment before heading home once more.