The Carn Deargs in Glen Roy, 7 April 2019

Three parties  of club members, totalling 9 people, meandered around the various Carn Deargs at the head of Glen Roy in thick mist, hence the limited opportunities for photos!

Cerian, Daniel, Kirsty R. and John made a round of the two northerly Carn Deargs from Turret Bridge at the head of the glen; photo below. One of the party demonstrated conclusively that proximity to mobile phones can reverse the polarity of one’s compass: the proof being demonstrated by walking round in circles in peat hags.

One of the many Carn Deargs in the mist

Michael, Ewen and Masoud had a pleasant wander over the central Carn Dearg and Carn Dearg Beag – top photo. The locals showed little imagination in naming the hills; there are three Carn Deargs and two Leana Mhors in Glen Roy. The only party reporting any views were Robin and Arthur who ascended the most easterly of the Carn Deargs from Annat in the north.  They then went onto the most easterly of the two Leana Mhor Grahams where these elusive views were obtained.

Masoud and Ewen contemplating life in a long-gone house

The age of the parallel roads in the glen and the mechanism to produce the different shorelines was mused upon. We quickly dismissed the idea that they might be the hunting paths of the mythical figure Fingal and went for the more conventional explanation that they were the product of the dams of ice. These dams blocked off Glen Gloy, Glen Spean and Glen Roy as glaciers spread from the south west during the Loch Lomond Stadial period around 12,900 years ago. The different levels of the shorelines (roads) at 260m, 325m and 350m were caused by the glacier’s advance. The ice dams finally melted about 11,500 years ago. (

Brunachan bothy at the foot of the north east ridge of Leana Mhor on the east side of the glen is now sadly closed, with dangerous building notices pinned to its door.   The day was rounded off by a visit to a pub on the way home; the Stronlossit Hotel in Roy Bridge and the Bothy bar in Fort Augustus were visited by different parties.